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Wireless Siren

SRL400 is a two-way supervised wireless siren with wireless control. FSK digital radio communications in triple-frequency (433.27 MHz, 433.92 MHz, 434.57 MHz) anti-collision. Radio own protocol in rolling-code 112 bit; auto-learning programming, internal antenna with high efficiency; internal battery back-up 7.2V 700mAh Ni-MH batteries. Low consumption wide range of external power supply with (10V to 15V, 150mA max) power supply recommended ALMini BCS. Antiopening and back tampers; high efficiency LED light. Possibility to activate one or more functions by DIP Switches as: memory alarm sound, alarm memory, sound for arm/disarm, visual system status for arm/disarm & stand-by LED to indicate any proper operation. Need 12 V power supply.

Wireless Siren Accessories

CS400 is a universal transmitter for the two-way supervised siren SRL400. Its main features are: digital radio communications in FSK triple frequency (433.27 MHz, 433.92 MHz, 434.57 MHz) anti-collision; radio own protocol in rolling-code 112 bit, auto-learning programming, antenna, power supply 12V; input for siren alarm signal with dual polarity; input for audio and visual reports (system status); OC output NC/NO type for tamper signalling; OC output NC/NO type for siren problems (no charging, battery, communication problems); buzzer and LEDs for real time status of the transmitter and the siren plus antiopening Tamper.