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Standalone Alarm System EPIR2

EPIR2 is a complete security system with GSM integrated in one very compact and easy to use device. Control panel, motion detector, wireless and GSM module systems all in one product.

GSM : Smart Home, 76 Zones Control Panel -ESIM364

Advanced up to 76 zones control panel with wireless and GSM. Premises security, electric devices automation and control. This panel is created to meet the needs of end users and professional installers.

GSM : Smart Home, 44 Zones Control Panel -ESIM264

ESIM264 is a security and smart home system in one. It can monitor doors, windows, motion and sound, report about a security breach. ESIM264 allows to control home temperature and various electrical devices with a mobile phone or a remote control.

GSM : Battery Powered Dialler ESIM4

Battery powered and waterproof GSM auto dialler. The device is fully autonomous and does not require any additional power sources. ESIM4 provides possibility to hear what is going on in the secured premises and allows to control electrical device by mobile phone.

GSM : Gate Controller ESIM 110/120

Automatic GSM switch is mostly used to remotely control gates, doors and barriers, to support other electrical devices too. ESIM110 is a basic model with 1 relay output and possibility to be configured via any web browser. ESIM120 is an advanced version of the controller.

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