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Elite Alarm Solutions has been established in INDIA as an Alarm Solution provider, M2M, Wired and wireless connectivity solutions with Central Monitoring for various applications. We represent various Manufacturers to offer the utmost products and services from the European Brands like AMC –Italy and from various manufactures.

AMC- Italy is an experienced global competitor and partner with Elite Alarms for security products, GSM, M2M monitoring and remote control solutions. AMC was established in Italy with a strong emphasis on Research & Development and in manufacturing since 1974.

Our solutions are designed to bring every day’s freedom and comfort. Our company provides security systems which can be controlled by various types of interfaces, from mobile devices to keypads, key fobs. GSM technology enables to get security alerts via text message or call as well as monitor equipment distantly.

Elite Alarm Solutions shall provide an excellent technical support services on Product selection for wide range of applications, system configuration and trouble shooting for the installers / end users. Elite Alarm Solutions Presence in Indian Market shall enable the Installers and the end users to have an easy reach for excellent Products with appropriate standards and approvals and can enjoy the best technical / support services with well-trained specialized Engineers who are in the security industry for the past 20 years.

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